Life just got sweeter: Adopting a Doxie

My dachshund, Zoe, is 9 years old.  I received her as a birthday present years ago while in graduate school.  Zoe has been with me through school, 4 jobs, 2 terrible relationships and about 7 different addresses.  She has been with me for the good times and the not so good times.  Its incredible to love her, as much as I do.  I am not ashamed of the countless amounts of selfies we have taken over these years.  We were taking selfies before they were ever called that in 2005.  
I have been living with my fiance for over a year now and we wanted to add a member to our family.  We waited and waited to get an English Bulldog for months.  He was a puppy and we bought everything to care for a puppy.  Unfortunately, our little family tragically lost our puppy 2 weeks later and we have been heart broken.  I do not think you ever truly get over tragedy but your heart can heal enough in order to be able to talk about it without breaking out into tears.  We have taken 6 months to ourselves and evaluated if we are ready to try again with another dog.  We were on the same page and said yes we are ready but this time we will rescue a dog instead.  
We visited a few shelters in the very beginning.  I would have taken all the dogs home.  We decided to rescue a dachshund instead.  We went through the adoption application process with Dachshund Rescue of South Florida.  It was a rather intense process.  Besides the $20 application, I needed three references that were not family, clearance for them to call and talk to my current vet for Zoe to verify she is taken care of and an at home visit for an evaluation.  I was so throughly impressed with this process.  They are looking out for the well being of these dachshunds they care for, and truly want them to be a new forever family.  All the doxies are fostered.  There is not a facility to just go see them all and pick.  We had to make appointments to visit any of the doxies available to adopt.  
We knew that we did not want a puppy doxie. We wanted a young, potty trained, social dachshund to be with Zoe.  I felt Zoe needed that companionship during our work hours.  She sleeps and lounges too much.  Fives years or younger was our wanting.  
There were two male one year olds available.  The head organizer suggested we meet one over the other since my current dog is not very playful.  The other was already know to be mischievous and destructive.  lol.  So arrangements were made to meet Ferrari.  

Long story short, he came home with me an hour and half later after playing with him and Zoe together.  He is perfect for us.  He was nice and healthy, shiny black coat, good teeth, healthy white in his eyes, no bad breath, non barker, smart, playful and energetic.  He was found walking on the streets and was brought over to the rescue center.  The rescue organization had him neutered, updated on his vaccines and microchipped.  All of this was included in his adoption agreement.  
He is so wonderful.  I re-named the little guy, Kobe, after the basketball player on account of him being able to jump a good three feet in the air.  It is impressive.  He has transitioned into our home beautifully and with little to no problems.  He plays with Zoe's old toys and little Zoe got possessive with them, so I had to buy new toys for Kobe.  He also like bones but then Zoe started taking away his bones, so now buy two sets of bones.  I always remember to give Zoe her needed love time in addition to the love Kobe needs to feel from me too.  They play great together and its a delight to see Zoe scurry around with him.  She does stand her ground when she has had enough and Kobe plays the submissive one and just sits beside her at that point.  My new favorite moment of my days is watching an hour of TV at night with both dogs lounging all over me together.  Its doxie-palooza on the sofa and I love it.  Walking them together shows some challenges as Zoe does her business 1-2-3 and wants to go straight back home where young Kobe as been enjoying longer walks where he marks every other bush in the entire neighborhood.  He brings extra life to our days and frankly as given me a reason to walk more in the mornings and at night.  These two doxies together act like real children.  Even feeding them is hilarious.  Needless to say life has just become a little bit sweeter with the addition of Kobe to our family.      


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