How to Pack for a Crop

Going to a crop is always an excited time.  We are excited to see our scrappy friends and get as many layouts as possible done.  We always have big plans and with that comes the over packing.  I too fell victim to the over packing.  

Tip #1, use your luggage to hold your 12x12 iris boxes.  They fit into a standard 'carry on' sized luggage without any problem.  Why spend $50-100 dollars on a crop bag that you will use rarely.  I used my luggage and it worked just the same.  
Tip #2, take a kit for your crop.  I purposefully made a homemade kit a few days prior to take on the crop to prevent me from taking tons of random paper collections.  
Tip #3, plan your pages ahead of time.  This tip would have helped me complete more than  a few layouts while at the crop.  
Tip #4, Pack all your essentials in a tool tote.  I used the Craftsman Pink 12" tool box.  This worked perfectly to hold all my essentials and mixed media supplies.  Also, mark your paint brushes, pens, scissors with a piece of colorful washi tape to mark which ones are yours.  
Essential list:
Paper trimmer, scissors, adhesive, pens/pencils, palette knives, baby wipes, paper towels, craft mat, ruler, brushes, tape runners, tiny attacher, hot glue gun and a heat gun.
Essential list for mixed media:
White card stock, gesso, modeling paste, paints, mists, watercolors, gelato, mist bottle, stencils, packaging, ink pads, gift cards, wax paper, stamps, versa mark and embossing powders.
Tip #5, if you like doing mixed media, make sure your mists and paints travel well and do not spill.  I used a separate tupperware for save traveling.  
Tip #6, pack an extension cord to guarantee you have power for your heat gun or hot glue gun that reaches you at your table.
Tip #7, pack an art journal or an adult coloring books as well, in order to take a break from scrapbooking but continue to be doing something creative.  
Tip #8, have one person bring a cuttlebug or Big Shot, etc. and the rest of your friends bring just dies.  It saves everyone from packing their machines.  
Tip #9, don't forget page protectors to file away your layouts safely, or have a box assigned to hold your completed layouts so they do not get damaged on your way home from a crop.
Tip #10, do not forget to print your photos. 

Hope these tips help you on your next crop, especially using your luggage.    

I have a packing video I will link below for your viewing pleasure.  Thank you for stopping by.



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