Homemade Scrapbook Kit

In attempts to scrap my stash, I have put together a homemade scrapbook kit.  As a scrapbooker, we undoudtedly hoard paper and collect massive amounts of scrapbooking essentials.  I have newly ignited my love for the hobby this year and in just a year my collection has grown.  I do my share of layouts a week, but not enough to ever keep up.  I have a weakness for new collections every single time one is released.  I have learned quick this year not to buy those paper pads with 200 sheets of patterned paper for a few reasons.  First, you never use them all.  Its just too much before you get tired of the collections.  Second, the pads are very very light weight.  Its not the lovely card stock I am used to from buying individual papers from the collection that can with stand my love of mixed media.  I, literally, place orders monthly for the latest and greatest from my favorite scrapbooking sites.  Box craft stores like Joann's, Michael's and Hobby Lobby do not carry the big brands in the scrapbooking world.  They make their own paper pad lines that simply cannot compete in my opinion.  

A year into this hobby again, and I already have a feel for the parts of collections I love and have to have... like the ephemera/ die cut packs and never ever the chunky chip board.  I'm not a lover of the enamel dots, but I do love me some stickers.  I am not a fan of anything that makes my layout too thick and bulky and I absolutely have to add some sort of mixed media from my art supplies to a layout.  Its just me and my style.  Adding mixed media to a layout combines both my worlds of art journaling and scrapbooking in one.  I have found my happy place.  

I do subscribe to one kit, the Clique kits.  I have tried the Hip Kit Club as well.  And while I could subscribe to another, I am realizing sometimes that I do not always love all aspects of these kits, like chipboard.  

While keeping these these ideas in my head I now do my monthly ordering strictly with the elements I like and love.  Hence, formulating my first homemade kit.   

Here were my steps to my kit.
#1. Start out with one patterned paper that the kit circles around.  
#2. Added patterned papers that highlighted the colors/ tones of the first sheet.  
#3. Add neutral to your kit as well for background and layering.
(keep in mind if you purchase a few papers from one collection, it does the job for you.)
#4. Add a metallic elements like gold or silver to add a bit of bling to the kit.  I shopped my stash of stickers and sequins to add this element.  
#5. Shop you stash of alpha, stickers and embellishments keeping with the same color family in your kit.  
#6. Add a 6x6 pad from your stash to use for lettering.  The entire pad may not work but if it has a few good neutrals, use it.  
#7.  Add washi tape from your collection.  I love adding wash tape to most of  my layouts and I have a ton in my stash.  
#8. Pick something that has been sitting in your stash that you have not used yet and challenge yourself to use it in at least one layout.  For this kit, I've been sitting on a denim 6x6 paper pad for months.  I have not touched it once.  I have to challenge myself to use it. 

You can finish off half used sticker sheets and use doilies that have been sitting around.  Once you start shopping you stash, all the other details come together.  I also went through my stamp collection and pulled one or two I wanted to make certain I used.  Did the same with ink pads, embossing powders, and mists.  I always have an element of mixed media and like to pull the color  that I can keep out readily available.  Don't be afraid to mix and match collections.  That is half the fun of it.  Using up odds and ends that are sitting or that we are hoarding.  

Below I have provided the video of my first kit I assembled for your viewing pleasure.  

I have provided the list of supplies I included:


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