Carpe Diem Planner by Simple Stories

Hello lovely scrapbooker and planner addicts alike.  I have recently purchased the new Carpe Diem Planner by Simple Stories and have been using it for the month of December.  The size is A5 and the binder is similar in size to the A5 Filofax Saffiano I own.  The binder itself does use the six ring system, similar to the Filofax as well.  The inside cover has 6 business card pockets along with a secretarial pocket for larger items.  I chose the color Aqua, but it also comes in pink, coral, robin's egg blue, platinum, and black.  The planner comes undated which allows you the flexibility to start using this planner at any time.  The dividers are labeled with the month and only the label itself is laminated and not the divider.  I may be altering that feature in the future because I know I am rough and it will get abused.  The month is on two pages and is printed on heavier card stock compared to the paper the week on two pages is printed on.  The complete Carpe Diem line has everything to decorate the planner from stickers, die cuts, paper clips, bookmarks, folder pockets, appointment stickers and washi tape that all match.  I am an enabler I know, but all of it is all so lovely.  
The inserts are pretty and semi decorated.  Most planner lovers with continue to embellish their pages some more, but for those who may not have the time to do so, the pages already are minimally decorated.  The planner simply came with the months, weeks and an opening page per month for important dates and goal setting.  There are no other sections provided.  There is a blank pad of lined paper that is held in the back cover pocket.  I have added in my own extra dividers to customize my planner to my needs.  I use inserts to keep track of my YouTube Channel, blog and social media.  
The paper quality for the weekly section is not great.  It is lighter to me than copy paper.  This is my only disappointing aspect of this planner.  I did a first impressions video in which I did a pen test and ink test to show which bleed through or shadow and which can be used on this paper.  

The beauty of having a ring system planner is the customizability.  I have gone back and forth throughout my life to a spiral bound to a binder to hardbound, and round and round I go.  But to have a planner work efficiently for you and your needs, rings is always the way to go.  For the festive month of December I filmed a 'Plan with Me' video if you would like to have a look.  

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  1. Just watched your video. Loved it! I have the same planner and color. Can't wait to get started!