December Daily: Days 1-6

The first week of December has gone by so quickly.  It has been fun completely each page as the day as passed by.  Having my supplies and kit open on my tray on my desk as made the process easy and possible.  If I had to put away my supplies each day I would not get it done.  I have also been filming process videos for this mini album, which has been difficult. I complete my pages at night after work and sometimes my studio lights do not give great lighting.  For next week, I will try a "Flip Through" video to show the completed pages and describe what I used.  That may be a bit easier.  
The goal is to document one story a day and that has been my focus.  I have been lucky enough to have a story I have wanted to capture.  I will admit it is hard sometimes because throughout a normal work week I am in a routine with not that much going on.  So I am taking the time to slow down and look at my life and document the good the bad and simplest regular things that usually would go unnoticed in my life. 

I also need to stop the madness of comparing my work to others.  I fall in love with everyone's posted layouts and want to scrap lift everyone's.  I love my album too, I just get so inspired by others.

I think I purchased way too many supplies for my album.  I find myself overwhelmed with all the embellishments I have and try to use as much as I can on each layout, which is simply crazy thinking.  I have no idea why I am putting this much pressure on myself to have this mini album be perfect.  Despite all those little rants, I am still enjoying the process.  LOL.  I have a process video for this first 6 pages in my album for your viewing pleasure.



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