Project Life: A Day in the Life

Recently, I was cruising around my favorite blogs and fellow scrapbookers for inspiration.  I came across Ali Edwards who invited everyone to participate in her "A Day in the Life" prompt.  She emphasizes the importance in documenting the everyday things, the simple routines in your life that would otherwise go undocumented.  I fell in love with this idea.  My everyday routines seem to go unnoticed in my albums.  I am usually only taking photos during events and special occasions.  It made me think and look at my life and see if I ever do document my job, my dog walks, my commutes to work, the cooking or the getting ready for work.  I had not one picture to show any of these moments that make up my life.  So I was thrilled to participate.  
The day chosen was a typical work weekday.  And my story went a little like this... 
A day in my life begins around 7-7:20 am when my alarm goes off.  I share my walk-in closet with my boyfriend (now fiance), and I obviously take more of the available room.  My M-F job requires me to wear scrubs, so I never need brain power to get ready in the morning.  My scrubs are all solid colors and hung in the center.  Thankfully we have a double sink set up in our bathroom so my area is filled with all my own toiletries and makeup. I have an auto immune condition that affects my skin due to diet and I'm happy when i have clear days and my skin is normal.  I walk my mini doxie, Zoe around the neighborhood and at this point, Miguel (my fiance) is also up and laying out his clothes.  Zoe loves Miguel's scent so much, that she makes it a daily habit to lay on his freshly laid out clothes.  I had to capture that moment.  

Into the kitchen to make a pot of coffee and prep my 'to-go' Miami Dolphin Tervis for my morning commute.  I pack my breakfast and lunch everyday and I carry my work tote, my lunch box and my purse to work everyday.  I am always baffled by how much I travel with day to day.  My trusty Civic, aka White Chocolate, gets parked in the shade everyday at my office.  I was recently in a car accident and my car is all repaired and running great.  The day before I documented my day, my parents rescued a dog.  He is a Havanese and they named him Oliver.  He is special and perfect for my retired parents.  

I work with patients day to day.  I spent time with them during treatment and then all the paperwork that follows.  I love the cloud formations on my commute home.  I always look at clouds but have never snapped a picture, so here I am documenting the small things.  Selfies with my Zoe at the dinner table, I am horrible and I am that dog mom that gives her dog the ends of dinner.  Don't judge me (lol).  I walk Zoe after we all eat dinner again and a selfie to capture the setting sun in our faces.  Miguel is fantastic when it comes to snuggling with Zoe.  This is why she loves him so much.  I usually spend my evening in my craft room art journaling, scrapbooking, filming for YouTube or blogging.  This was a fun prompt to follow and I encourage everyone to give it a try.  Ali Edwards also does "A week in the life" too and offers kits to order as well.
I made a process video for my pages as well.  Please take a look...



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