Basic Mixed Media Supplies

I have been asked what basic mix media supplies do I need to purchase to get started?  Here is the answer and then it leaves room to grow.  I started out with art journaling as a way to express creativity from my normal 9-5.  I have always been a creative person but gave up a career in Advertising because I thought being creative with deadlines made me loose my creativity.  So I kept it as my hobby.  Art journaling gives me the ability to play with art supplies still.  I love experimenting and getting different results.  Like most, trial and error takes place.  But after some time you learn the best way to play.  Here are your basic supplies needed.  
First you want to start out with some white gesso.  Gesso is primer for the your page for any media work you do next.  White gesso will mute your patterned colorful background paper.  Clear gesso is also available.  
For added texture to a page modeling paste is key.  There are different version, some with a light whipped consistency and others with a heavier thicker paste form.  Both work well for my scrapbook layouts and journals.  I use modeling paste mostly with my stencils to add texture to the background.  I have used old gift cards to apply the paste through stencils and to add thin layers of gesso to prime.  Palette knives do the same thing with more control to the application. 
Gel medium is another staple in art journaling.  Its acts like our glue to adhere paper on paper, tissue on paper etc.  Apply gel medium first to the page, then to the paper you are adding and again over top to seal the surface from buckle and warping of the page.  To get the smoothest application I love the gel medium by Dina Wakley.  
To add color to my pages I usually reach for my inexpensive 36 pan watercolor set, craft acrylic paints, gelatos or my vast array of mists.  I love the Heidi Swapp color shineDylusion Ink Sprays, Ranger Distress Sprays  Stains and Lindy Stamp gang.  I have invested in my collection of mists for my scrapbook layouts and love the look they give.  I can use them with my stencils, to add washes, to add color to my modeling paste and to add splatter as well.  
Stencils are need to add dimension and layers to the background along with stamps.  My collection of both have grown through the months and years.  I love stencils especially florals and geometric patterns.  Background stamps like text, shapes and designs can a beautiful addition.  
A few last items to get started with would be a heat tool if you are impatient like me, in order to speed up the drying time.  A non stick craft mat to protect your desk from spray and paint run off.  
Just remember there are no rules when if comes to art journaling.  Its whatever you want to make of it.  Your creative expression.  As long as you are having fun and doing something creative it will bring you joy.  I love how my scrapbook pages have evolved to include mix media in addition to my love of patterned pages.  Once you use more than one art supply on a page, its considered mixed media.  So have some fun and mix it up.  
I have provided my talk through video as well.  



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