Current Favorites/ Winter 2016

Hello there crafty friends.  I thought it would be fun to start adding different topics to my blog and YT channel for more interest.  I dabble in all sort of crafty things and since my channel and blog focus on my scrapbook layouts, I thought I would share other things, I've been doing lately. 

Recently, I've jumped into the fountain pen community and have been pleasantly delighted with my purchases.  I am not a fountain pen expert, so I started out with one that is low budget and had great reviews to wet your feet in these pens.  I choose the Pilot Metropolitan as my first fountain pen, and have loved it so much I've already purchased a second one.  I have the black and a gold one.  I have both in a medium nib simply because I enjoy a thicker bolder line when writing.  The fun part about fountain pens is the ability to change ink colors.  I won't go into my favorite inks just yet, just know changing ink colors is what make having fountain pens great.  

In order to make a fountain pen look its best, it does require different paper.  Because my nib is wider, it tends to bleed or feather on cheaper paper which then does not look so lovely.  The paper has a lot to do with it I've learned from watching Goulet Pen Companies videos on YT.  They are really educational video to let you understand properties of paper and pens and their vast array of inks.  I purchased my Leuchtturm1917 journal from their website.  The paper is what makes this journal standout.  The fountain pens glide on the surface and the ink is not absorbed at all.  I've enjoyed mine without lines and have used it as my journal and memory keeping scrapbook style for the past few months.  I am able to take it with me on the go and decorate it with mostly washi tape and write in different colored inks whenever I can.  Its really been enjoyable and just another way to stay crafty when I'm not home.  Here are a few pages of my journal.  

My Smash Book is always being used to save the bigger ephemera I may not be able to fit into scrapbook layouts or into my pocket pages.  I used it to save wedding invites, thank you cards, large ticket stubs, notes and other memories.  I layered them up on each page.  This book is on going until I run out of pages to use.  But once again another pleasant way to keep your memories without a lot of photo printing.  They are available in many color bindings.  If you have been interested in this style of memory keeping I would highly recommend it.  

I have been absolutely in love with adult coloring books.  I cannot get enough of this creative outlet.  My collection is growing no doubt but I would encourage anyone to pick one up and just color.  I do my coloring before bed for some reason and find it relaxing before bed.  My three favorites at the moment are Secret Garden, Secret New York, and Animal Kingdom.  I either use the Crayola 50ct Super tip markers, my 48 count Prismacolor colored pencils or a cheap 36 count set I picked up at Michael's by Artist Loft.  The activity is becoming very popular and have been enjoying it myself. 

My Carpe Diem Planner from Simple Stories as quickly become an obsession.  And yes, I have jumped into the Pretty Planning community too.  I see it as functional as well has another creative outlet for me and my mind.  I love the color, the size, the inserts which are a week on 2 pages and I have made a few customized inserts to keep track of my channel, blog and social media accounts.  Cant say enough good things about it.  

And last but certainly not least are two books I am loving.  First is by Jane Davenport titled Beautiful Faces, which has wonderful illustration by the artist.  The book is formatted like a workshop and goes into details about art supplies to use and step by step instructions to achieve art inspired by her.  The book is an easy read and I've loved taking the lessons on how to draw faces in a whimsical manner.  The color photos are excellent and large and if anyone likes artist written books, I would recommend this one.  

The other book I am reading is Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert.  She is the writer to Eat, Pray Love written a few years ago.  This is an excellent motivational book for anyone who has been toying with the idea to start something more creative in your life.  Its inspirational way to look at your life and start something you have been dying to try or incorporate into your day to day living in order to live a happier more complete life.  I am reading this book again because I loved it so much.  If I read this book a year or two earlier I may have started my blog and YouTube Channel sooner.  I was scared and intimidated to start one, thinking i was no good enough.  But decided I have nothing to loose and just wanted to make a creative contribution to the creative world.  I am so thankful and glad that I did.  This book is completely uplifting, inspiring and an easy read. 

That will wrap up my current favorites and would love to know a few of yours.  Please leave a comment down below of yours.  I did a talk through video of  my favorites as well and have linked it below for you.  Thank you for stopping by.  



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