Craft Room Tour

Hello scrappy friends.  I had a few request to see my scrap room and where all my creativity occurs so I wanted to do just that.  But first, it meant I had to do some major cleaning.  My room will usually have a few projects laid out on different areas either drying or waiting to be finished and I do that purposefully because if I did clean up after every attempt I would never remember what has to get finished and what I wanted to still come back too.  So I made sure all projects were complete, dry and able to be put away or into an album.  This was a great excuse to get things done actually. 

My craft room is the third bedroom in our apartment.  It was not always my craft room.  It actually had a queen size bed and furniture in it.  But after months and months of living together and me taking over the dining/kitchen table day in and day out with scrapbooking, I think we finally came to terms that I need a space.  Because I would go crazy if he handled any of my projects without care.  Pushing papers out of the way so that we could have a spot to eat our meals always stressed me out.  So, we didn't need two guest rooms in our apartment for guests.  We only had a hand full of people ever stay with us.  So I sold the bed and furniture on Craig's list and used the funds to go to Ikea and buy a white desk and one book case.  I purchased the Alex 5 draws and the Kallax cube shelf in high gloss white.  At first, I had a regular sized waste paper basket, but after a few days of having to throw it out so often, I went in a hunt for something larger.  I found the bright blue, navy and white laundry basket at Home Goods for $14.99 and simply put liners in it so that paint and glue do not mess up the insides.  But it went perfectly with the color scheme of the room. 

Of course it gave me a reason to decorate and shop.  Since I purchased the furniture in a beautiful high white gloss finish, I decided to keep the colors in the room crisp and bold too.  The curtains are navy and white striped and I was lucky to find that huge peacock print with navy and teal tones and it included those gold accents.  The print was found at Ross for $24.99 and the curtains were picked up at Marshalls for $29.99.  The addition of my gallery wall was easy.  Those have been collected throughout the years and when I was single they graced my walls.  But since I moved in with my fiancé I didn't want him to feel obligated to have color and color on every wall in our first shared apartment, so they have been sitting in the laundry room unappreciated until now.  I arranged them first on the floor to get the arrangement I would like and my fiancé did the labor.  I am obsessed with dogs as you can plainly see.  Doxies in particular but I have a love for all four legged fur babies and these pop art ones were a great find at TJ Maxx long ago.  I have two pictures of NYC, where I am originally from, one is a print of a painting and the other is an actual photograph.  Love the bright colors and they went well with my gallery wall.  The collage you see in the far left side was an anniversary present I did for my fiancé 2 years ago and it full of pictures of us, favorite things we like individually and together, inside jokes and song lyrics.  Its so us, and I have pride in it so I hung it over my desk.  The two smaller frames is simply ink splatters I did and the other is the Dear Lizzy Stencil from the Serendipity collections and I used Dylusion ink sprays to achieve the design.  DIY art work on a dime. 
Now my area covers mostly a corner and its in an "L" shape.  The other wall in the room has a small slim table graced with my fiancé's football helmet from playing in college and other football paraphernalia along with a closet.  The pink lamp I have had from Target for a few years now.  The two large cubes that sit on top of the shelf are from the Recollections collection found at Michael's.  They did not fit into one to the spaces of the shelf but since they are still white they work just as well sitting on top.  The board on the wall that you see the washi tape on is a find from Good Will.  Its actually a thread holder but I painted it white an decoupages wrapping paper on it and now it holds washi tape.  DIY art projects on a dime again.  However, my washi tape collection is so extensive that I needed more storage for it all.  So I found a large two tiered fruit basket at Goodwill as well and spray painted it white.  It holds the rest of my washi tape wonderfully.  I've been growing quickly with my channel and in order to keep up with layouts I have purchased studio lights so that I can film at night.  They grace the room as well always put together, ready to just be turned on to film.  I got lucky once again and purchased those on Ebay for around $50 for both.  An excellent find in order not to spend tons of money.  I'm all about my hobby, but not paying ridiculous prices to maintain it.  I rather buy more art supplies and patterned paper.  lol

Thank you for stopping by and having a look around.  I do a live tour on my channel that I will link below or visit me on my channel and watch it directly on YouTube at Life with Evi.  If you have any questions or want to know where I purchased anything else in my room please feel free to leave a comment below and I will gladly get back to you. 



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