Planner Peace with my MAMBI Happy Planner

I have fallen in love with the 365 Happy Planner, by Me & My Big Ideas because it combines the best of both planner worlds.  The versatility of a 3 ring binder and the flexibility of a spiral bound planner.  I was always torn with planners in the past for these reasons.  With my Filofax, I could customize it any way i wanted with inserts and layouts but I am a right handed person and writing on the left side was always difficult and wish i could turn in on itself to comfort while writing.  You cannot do that with a binder.  With a spiral i can write or stamp easily by turning the whole book on itself, however, the inability to not customize the book was hard for me.  I've jockeyed between planners my whole life always going back and forth.  Now, with the Happy Planner, I have planner peace.  I have the best of both worlds and I have been loving it.  I love it more because I'm 'pretty planning' as my fellow planner addicts call it.  Decorating my spreads with washi tape, stickers and scrapbook paper.  

The whole concepts entices me to use my planner more and I find myself more productive personally, professionally and with my blog and YouTube channel.  I love how the layouts provide divisions for Morning, Afternoon and Evening because i have customize these sections to fit my needs.  I use the top for personal tasks and errands, the middle for my blog and YouTube channel and the bottom third is for work.   

I have an extensive collection of washi tape already at my disposal due to my first love of scrapbooking.  So decorating with washi is a must for me.  I love coordinating spreads with a color scheme first.  Then i can thumb through my huge stash of stickers to add more embellishments to my pages.  And for me a spread is simply not complete until there is some scrapbook paper added for more color.  I have purchased stickers and pocket folder from the MAMBI line that are add ons to the planner.  I have purchased the inspirations quotes and the planner stickers in gold and color.  I have even used my large collection of stamps into my planner as well.  I'm am still trying to find the best kind of ink to use in my planner that will not bleed through the page.  

I have made my own inserts for my YouTube channel and blog posts that keeps me organized even further.  I love watching scrapbook process videos and like to jot down sketches from fellow scrappers as inspiration and have made inserts to do just that too.  Its been an absolute joy to work in this planner this past month and look forward to updating you on other inserts and spreads that I create.  

I have a few process videos up on my channel of decorating my planner pages if you would like to take a look.  

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